Public Library Living Wall

This is a great example of an exterior living wall on a public library in Surrey, British Columbia. The vegetation includes perennials and compact shrubs which look terrific and provide year-round variation in texture and colour. I’m sure that this installation instills a great sense of pride for local residents who use the library on a regular basis. The Living Wall industry needs successfully examples like this to encourage greater confidence in the public, building owners, and decision makers ultimately responsible for the development of more living wall and green roof projects in the future. Well done Green Over Grey!

Shimiamoo Public Library Living Wall by Green Over Grey

Shimiamoo Public Library (Surrey, BC) Living Wall by Green Over Grey

Living Wall Visit at Klick Health

In this specialized field it is important to see what has been done by others to know what is possible and how to improve. Below are pictures of two living wall installations located in the main entrance of the Klick Health corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. The two living wall installations surround and screen unsightly structural columns. These living walls turn an unwanted feature into a thing of beauty by adding colour and breathing life into an already unique corporate interior.

Interior Living Wall at Klick Health

Interior Living Wall at Klick Health (designer/installer unknown)