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Vertical Landscape Architects Inc. is a full-service firm specializing in green roofs, green walls and landscape architecture. The combination of these three disciplines provides superior place-making potential, especially In urban areas where lush vegetation is highly desirable but not always possible due to limited exterior garden bed space or interior floor area. The firm provides planning, design, installation, and maintenance services for green roofs, green walls and landscape architecture, and is fully insured. Jason Rokosh, the firm's founder is a registered Landscape Architect (OALA, CSLA) and an accredited Green Roof Professional (GRHC) with over 10 years of experience in the planning and design industry.

VLA Interviewed about Biophilic Design Trends

Check out this interview with Jason Rokosh (OALA, GRP) of Vertical Landscape Architects and Steven Peck, Founder and President of GRHC, about:

What biophillic design does for workspaces
Further studies show why designing for human wellbeing should get more green lights


Published by the REMI Network
Thursday, April 28, 2016
By Rebecca Melnyk

Living Wall Rental

The following picture shows our 8×6′ freestanding living wall used as a focal point in a Bridal Show trade show booth. It was customized to include an arrangement of cut flowers at the top, showcasing its potential as a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos, during vows, or behind newlyweds at the head table. We can easily include signage or corporate logos for media events, store openings, public speaking events, trade shows, etc. Inquire about our living wall rental options today!

Freestanding Living Wall Rental at 2016 Bridal Show, by Hollander Landscaping

Freestanding Living Wall Rental at 2016 Bridal Show, by Hollander Landscaping & VLA.


Holiday-Themed Living Walls

Create stunning holiday themes or seasonal displays with our Plug and Play living walls. Poinsettias for Christmas, Lillies for Easter, Roses for Valentines Day, Hyacinths in Spring, Bromeliads in Summer or just about anything you can think of. Make a special statement at your home, office or store today!

Vertical Landcape Architects wants to wish everyone Happy Holidays and we look forward to serving you in 2016!

Holiday-Themed Living Wall by Vertical Landscape Architects, 2015

Holiday-Themed Living Wall by Vertical Landscape Architects, 2015

Living Walls in Health Clinics

Living Walls are perfect for Health Clinics! Vertical Landscape Architects completed this 4×6′ living wall for Vitality Physical Medicine in Markham, ON. It is showcased in the rehabilitation area with exercise equipment. The system doesn’t need to access water lines or drains due to the use of a custom stainless steel reservoir and a submersible pump. This living wall provides a unique focal point as well as physical and mental health benefits to patients and staff alike. Studies have shown greater recovery rates by patients with daily exposure to nature.

Living Wall in Vitality Physical Medicine by VLA, 2015.

Living Wall in Vitality Physical Medicine by VLA, 2015.

VLA Exhibits @ IIDEX 2015

For the second year in a row Vertical Landscape Architects exhibited at IIDEX (International Interior Design Exhibition). We showcased GLTi Plug and Play living wall systems, including freestanding units, picture frame kits, and GLTi soil filled panels designed for exterior use. All of these products fit into a 10x5x8′ booth which is a testament to how important living walls are and will be with respect to greening our homes, offices and stores without taking up valuable floor space. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth!

VLA booth at IIDEX 2015,

VLA booth at IIDEX 2015,

Ryerson ID Living Wall Interest

This is a rendering of a proposed living wall for the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University organized by the Student Body. Due to a greater interest in living walls, Jason Rokosh, Principal and Owner of Vertical Landscape Architecture provided a guest lecture on living walls to Interior Design Students in November, 2015.

Rendering of Proposed Living Walls in Ryerson School of Interior Design by VLA, 2015.

Rendering of Proposed Living Walls in Ryerson School of Interior Design by VLA, 2015.


Green Roof Butterfly Habitat

This Semi-Intensive Green Roof installed by Vertical Landscape Architects was designed for butterfly habitat. When mature it will attract Monarchs and other butterfly species with butterfly friendly plant species. Driftwood and other materials on the roof will provide habitat for important pollinator insects and improve urban ecology while keeping the garage cool during summer months and providing a unique visual amenity for owners of the house and surrounding residents. It is very rewarding to hear how much adjacent neighbours appreciate views to a roof garden rather than an asphalt rooftop.

Urban Green Roof for Butterfly Habitat by VLA, 2015.

Urban Green Roof for Butterfly Habitat & Pollinator Insect Species by VLA, 2015.

McMaster Living Wall Complete

The pictures below show a 3 storey living wall in the final stage of construction, then complete with approximately 700 tropical plants. The living wall spans the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors and is a key component of the ‘feature wall’ (including a water feature and an open staircase/atrium overlooking a green roof) that promotes health by bringing nature into the building and into view of staff and patients alike. Daily exposure to nature is linked to improved mental health, reduced stress, and faster recovery rates after medical procedures. Vertical Landscape Architects regularly employs the one-person basket shown below to maintain the living wall plants and system.


VLA installer completing the last phase of living wall construction at McMaster Health Centre.


Newly planted living wall at McMaster Health Centre by Vertical Landscape Architects, 2015.

Living Art Exhibit

Vertical Landscape Architects is showcasing living wall kits as part of an art exhibit at an Art Gallery called the Kingston Social, located at 1427 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON. The exhibit features well known artists and officially opens in April, 2015. For more information please visit drop by the gallery or visit www.thekingstonsocial.com

VLA exhibits Living Art at the Kingston Social, 2015

VLA exhibits Living Art at the Kingston Social, 2015

VLA at IIDEX 2014

Come join Vertical Landscape Architects this year at IIDEX 2014. We will have booth 822 to show off the GLTi living wall systems and answer any questions you may have. Be sure to register for our presentation called “Green Wall Products and Design for Interior and Exterior Applications” by Jason Rokosh and George Irwin (founder of GLTi) on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 03:00 – 04:00 PM (Code W29).


We’re very excited about this opportunity. Hope to see you there!