McMaster Living Wall by VLA

Vertical Landscape Architects was awarded the contract to supply, install and maintain a 30′ living wall at McMaster University Health Sciences Centre. This project is currently under construction but we will be sure to post pictures of the finished product. Below are renderings of the Facility and interior living wall (by others).

McMaster Health Campus Rendering by NORR

McMaster Health Campus Rendering by NORR

Upcoming Living Wall in McMaster Health Campus by VLA.

Living Wall in McMaster Health Campus to be supplied, installed and maintained by VLA.

Urban Vertical Agriculture

Vertical Farming offers an excellent alternative for a growing number of us living in an urban setting with limited (or without) garden beds for our favourite vegetables. The picture below shows a 2×2′ GLTi exterior living wall system (perfect for vertical farming) with a stainless steel watering reservoir at the top and covers on the front to reduce soil loss and evaporation. The entire system is safely mounted to a railing. Other potential mounting surfaces include condominium and apartment balconies, fences, buildings, etc. Contact us today for more details!

GLTi living wall panels used for Vertical Urban Agriculture by VLA, 2014

GLTi living wall panels used for Vertical Urban Agriculture by VLA, 2014

Air Farming

Check Out this video from TED Talks describing the considerable health benefits of growing your own fresh air indoors, especially given the growing trend of urbanization and increasing time spent indoors for both work and relaxation. Given the large number of plants required to make a significant and positive impact on health, we at VLA believe that living walls provide the perfect vehicle for “air farming” as there is no loss of floor area. See for yourself…

How To Grow Your Own Fresh Air – TED Talks Video

GLTi Plug and Play system

Vertical Landscape Architects installed 3 custom GLTi Plug and Play living wall systems in British Columbia in June, 2014. The installation of the systems were extremely easy and the clients are thrilled with the look and simplicity and of the living walls. Pictures from one of the the BC installations was featured on the GLTi newsletter and a bulletin issued on behalf of GLTi by Please see below for a picture of the installation and a link to the article describing the many merits of the new GLTi Plug and Play living wall system.

GLTi Plug and Play Announcement on

GLTi Plug and Play living wall design and installation by VLA, 2014

GLTi Plug and Play living wall design and installation by VLA, 2014

Living Wall in Halifax

Jason Rokosh of Vertical Landscape Architects recently visited the 3 storey living wall at St Marys University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. An impressive living wall which provides ambiance and health benefits to students and staff. This is a great example of how living architecture should be integrated into the design process. There is plenty of natural light in the atrium to reduce the amount of artificial light required for the living wall and the adjacent walkways simplify maintenance.

3 Storey Living Wall at St Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

3 Storey Living Wall at St Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2015 Canada Blooms Living Walls

Vertical Landscape Architects assisted with the design and planting of living wall panels for the 2015 Canada Blooms exhibit by Hollander Landscaping and Creative Garden Design. The exhibit displayed functioning indoor and outdoor living herb walls (urban agriculture), ornamental living walls with showy tropicals, and a small living wall unit which can easily be installed in homes, offices or retail establishments. George Irwin, President of GLTi was sponsored by the team to present the opening night keynote speech entitled “Green Living Walls: Uncovering the Truth” to Canada Blooms participants and visitors.

Living Wall Panels for Canada Blooms 2015

Planted Living Wall Panels for Canada Blooms 2015

Gladstone GrowOp

We hope to see you at GrowOp – a creative design event featuring living art at the Galdstone Hotel.

As a member of the OALA Marketing Committee, Jason Rokosh of Vertical Landscape Architects will co-judge the entires to provide a $500 award on behalf Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and Ground Magazine. Below is a brief synopsis of the event.

Grow Op 2014

Curated by Victoria Taylor, and featuring 26 new projects, Grow Op 2014 is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative landscape and urban design event, celebrating innovative ideas and conceptual responses to sustainable placemaking across a broad range of creative practices.  Through video, sound, performance, participatory experience, photography, animal parts, new media and the human body, Grow Op presents an immersive exhibition that is provocative and boundary pushing.  Embedded into the Hotel and its environs, from adventitious niches to feature rooms, the exhibition presents work that explores new territories. The projects symbiotically connect to tell stories about water, memory, urbanism, natural process, public space, everyday materiality, hunting, urbanism and rural food economies.

This is no ordinary journey down the garden path. The diverse range of works featured in this year’s exhibition asks: What is nature? What is natural? And how do navigate through the midst of these layered complexities? Grow Op participants invite us to observe, document, excavate and play in new ways, inspiring us to think and speak differently about space and form, light and colour and the new contemporary landscapes – from rail corridor to neighbourhood park to the open square and the rural counties beyond our boundaries – that shape and influence our towns and cities.

More information can be found at

EPA award nomination for GLTi


ROCHESTER NY – Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is one of the most powerful and unique figures in the House of Representatives, representing the 25th Congressional District of New York, has nominated Green Living Technologies International LLC (GLTi) for the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Quality Award.

According to GLTi President, George Irwin, “It is a privilege and a humble honor to be recognized by Congresswomen Slaughter for our efforts and success in green technologies, education and agriculture. We are proud of our local manufacturing and advanced nano tech incorporated into our patented green roof and green wall technologies. Environmental, Social and Economic responsibility will continue to drive our organization”.

The award recognize achievement in Environmental Education, Business & Industry, Federal, State, Local or Tribal Government or Agency, Print and Broadcast Media honoring individuals, businesses and organizations that have contributed significantly to improving the environment and protecting public health.

Manufacturing is headquartered in Rochester NY with additional offices in Westport CT, Delray FL, Toronto Canada, GLTi also has a network of trained GLTi Pro Staff Professionals in 9 countries. GLTi services include professional architects, educational institutions and the advancement of building professionals to include green roofs, walls and agriculture while driving the employment opportunities for at risk youth, transitioning community members, veterans and existing professionals.

Public Library Living Wall

This is a great example of an exterior living wall on a public library in Surrey, British Columbia. The vegetation includes perennials and compact shrubs which look terrific and provide year-round variation in texture and colour. I’m sure that this installation instills a great sense of pride for local residents who use the library on a regular basis. The Living Wall industry needs successfully examples like this to encourage greater confidence in the public, building owners, and decision makers ultimately responsible for the development of more living wall and green roof projects in the future. Well done Green Over Grey!

Shimiamoo Public Library Living Wall by Green Over Grey

Shimiamoo Public Library (Surrey, BC) Living Wall by Green Over Grey

Living Wall Visit at Klick Health

In this specialized field it is important to see what has been done by others to know what is possible and how to improve. Below are pictures of two living wall installations located in the main entrance of the Klick Health corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. The two living wall installations surround and screen unsightly structural columns. These living walls turn an unwanted feature into a thing of beauty by adding colour and breathing life into an already unique corporate interior.

Interior Living Wall at Klick Health

Interior Living Wall at Klick Health (designer/installer unknown)