Gladstone GrowOp

We hope to see you at GrowOp – a creative design event featuring living art at the Galdstone Hotel.

As a member of the OALA Marketing Committee, Jason Rokosh of Vertical Landscape Architects will co-judge the entires to provide a $500 award on behalf Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and Ground Magazine. Below is a brief synopsis of the event.

Grow Op 2014

Curated by Victoria Taylor, and featuring 26 new projects, Grow Op 2014 is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative landscape and urban design event, celebrating innovative ideas and conceptual responses to sustainable placemaking across a broad range of creative practices.  Through video, sound, performance, participatory experience, photography, animal parts, new media and the human body, Grow Op presents an immersive exhibition that is provocative and boundary pushing.  Embedded into the Hotel and its environs, from adventitious niches to feature rooms, the exhibition presents work that explores new territories. The projects symbiotically connect to tell stories about water, memory, urbanism, natural process, public space, everyday materiality, hunting, urbanism and rural food economies.

This is no ordinary journey down the garden path. The diverse range of works featured in this year’s exhibition asks: What is nature? What is natural? And how do navigate through the midst of these layered complexities? Grow Op participants invite us to observe, document, excavate and play in new ways, inspiring us to think and speak differently about space and form, light and colour and the new contemporary landscapes – from rail corridor to neighbourhood park to the open square and the rural counties beyond our boundaries – that shape and influence our towns and cities.

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