VLA Presents to Local Educators

During a Professional Development day on Friday, March 26, 2013, Vertical Landscape Architects Inc. presented an informative seminar on Green Walls and Green Roofs to Green Industries High School Teachers of the Halton District School Board. The teachers who organized and attended the seminar wish to introduce Green Roof and Green Wall content into the student programming. Vertical Landscape Architects Inc. commends these teachers for their desire to expose students to emerging sustainable technologies such as Green Walls and Roofs. I believe it will serve your graduates well in the Green Industry. Thank you for your interest in this field and the opportunity to share my expertise with you.

– Jason Rokosh

“The Technology Education team would like to thank you so much for volunteering to put on the Green Living Walls Workshop. It is community partners like yourself than help us to excel in our schools. Thanks again.

Yours Truly,

The Technological Education Teachers at HDSB”