VLA works with Community Group to Revitalize Local Park

Vertical Landscape Architects Inc., recently met with a community group to discuss the possibility of introducing living walls, green facades and associated site planning in a local park as part of a revitalization effort. While the living architecture in the urban park will help enhance the experience of park users by softening the surrounding brick walls, other concurrent revitalization efforts to improve the park include the creation of historic murals by local graffiti artists (shown below). VLA will work with the community group and any potential stakeholders to design suitable wall greening systems for the park, and to prepare cost estimates for materials and installation.

Unfortunately, funding for this project is not available and the project is on hold for now.

Vertical Landscape Architects works with Community Group on Local Park Revitalization.

Vertical Landscape Architects Inc., works with Community Group on Local Park Revitalization Project.